CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher - Skin Only
CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher - Skin Only

CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher - Skin Only


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Introducing the CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher, a powerful and efficient tool designed to tackle all your sanding and polishing needs. With brushless motors for enhanced durability, stepless speed regulation for precise control, and an electricity display for convenient monitoring, this sander polisher ensures professional-level performance. Operating at a voltage of DC12V and with a speed of 3200r/min, it offers quick and efficient material removal. The tray size of 75mm provides ample surface area, and its compatibility with Makita DC10.8V battery packs adds versatility to your workflow. Experience the perfect combination of power, precision, and convenience with the CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher.


  • Brushless Motors: The CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher is equipped with brushless motors, providing increased power and durability compared to traditional brushed motors. This ensures a longer tool life and reduced maintenance requirements.

  • Stepless Speed Regulation: Enjoy precise control over the tool's rotation speed with stepless speed regulation. This feature allows you to adjust the RPM (rotations per minute) to match your specific sanding or polishing requirements, ensuring optimal results on various surfaces.

  • Electricity Display: The sander polisher features an electricity display, which allows you to easily monitor the remaining battery power. This ensures that you can keep track of the battery level and plan recharging accordingly, minimizing interruptions during your work.

  • Voltage: The CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher operates at a voltage of DC12V, providing a reliable power supply for your sanding and polishing tasks.

  • RPM: The sander polisher has a rotational speed of 3200r/min (rotations per minute), enabling efficient material removal and achieving desired finishes quickly.

  • Tray Size: With a tray size of 75mm, the sander polisher offers ample surface area for sanding and polishing applications, allowing you to cover larger areas efficiently.

  • Battery Pack Compatibility: The CROSSLINKS 12V Sander Polisher is compatible with Makita DC10.8V battery packs, providing flexibility and convenience for users who already own Makita power tools. This compatibility eliminates the need for additional batteries, saving you costs and ensuring compatibility with existing tools.


Specification Details
Voltage DC12V
RPM 3200r/min
Tray Size 75mm
Battery Pack Makita DC10.8V battery pack compatible

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