Discover the Cross Links Trade Wool Kersey Range: A Sustainable and Versatile Choice

Introduction: When it comes to selecting the perfect fabric for your projects, quality, sustainability, and versatility are key factors to consider. Cross Links Trade, a renowned textile supplier, brings you the Wool Kersey range—an exceptional fabric that combines timeless style with eco-friendly production. In this blog, we will delve into the unique features of the Wool Kersey range, including its composition, color options, roll lengths, and weight specifications. Let's explore why this fabric is a fantastic choice for your creative endeavors.

Composition: The Wool Kersey range offered by Cross Links Trade is composed of 80% recycled wool, making it an excellent option for those seeking environmentally friendly fabrics. By repurposing wool fibers, this range minimizes waste and reduces its impact on the environment. The remaining 20% of other fibers add durability and structure to the fabric, ensuring it retains its shape and longevity.

Color Options: Express your creativity with an extensive palette of colours available in the Wool Kersey range. Cross Links Trade offers a wide selection of vibrant and elegant shades to suit your design preferences. Choose from classic tones such as black, navy, bottle green, indigo, royal blue, and burgundy, or opt for eye-catching hues like Scarlett, purple, rose, chocolate, or coffee. With such a diverse range of colors, you'll find the perfect shade to bring your vision to life.

Roll Lengths and Width Sizes: To accommodate various project requirements, the Wool Kersey range is available in two width sizes: 101cm and 183cm. This flexibility allows you to select the appropriate width for your specific needs, whether you're creating garments, home decor items, or accessories.

Additionally, the rolls are available in two weight options, ensuring suitability for different purposes. The 511gsm (grams per square meter) fabric offers a medium weight, ideal for outerwear, upholstery, and heavier garments. For larger-scale projects, the 40-inch and 72-inch rolls provide ample fabric to work with, minimizing the need for seam construction and allowing for seamless creations.

Versatility and Application: The Wool Kersey range is a highly versatile fabric suitable for a wide range of applications. Its medium weight, durability, and excellent drape make it perfect for creating garments such as coats, jackets, skirts, trousers, and more. The fabric's composition provides warmth, making it ideal for winter wear and outerwear.

Moreover, its stability and structure lend themselves well to upholstery projects. Whether you're upholstering furniture, creating cushions, or designing wall hangings, the Wool Kersey range offers a luxurious and durable solution.

Sustainability Commitment: Cross Links Trade is committed to sustainability, and the Wool Kersey range exemplifies their dedication to eco-friendly production. By incorporating 80% recycled wool, this fabric minimizes environmental impact and promotes a circular economy. By choosing the Wool Kersey range, you contribute to reducing waste and support sustainable textile practices.

Conclusion: For those seeking a sustainable, versatile, and high-quality fabric, the Wool Kersey range by Cross Links Trade is an excellent choice. With its 80% recycled wool composition, diverse color options, and multiple roll lengths and widths, this fabric provides endless creative possibilities. From fashion garments to upholstery projects, the Wool Kersey range delivers both style and sustainability. Embrace the crossroads of fashion and eco-consciousness with the Wool Kersey range, and let your imagination run wild.

Note: The specifications mentioned in this blog are based on the information provided in the user's prompt. Please verify the accuracy of these details with the supplier before making any purchasing decisions.