Automatic Fabric Loader

Automatic Fabric Loader


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The Automatic Fabric Loader offers a combination of user-friendly features, durability, and efficiency. Its ability to accommodate a variety of fabrics, coupled with its ease of use, height setting, and mobility, make it an indispensable asset in modern manufacturing and textile processes. Whether in a small-scale production setting or a large-scale industrial facility, this fabric loader simplifies the loading process and contributes to overall operational excellence. 


  • Simple structure for easy maintenance
  • Height can be set; stops automatically at the set height
  • Pallet with movable wheels for easy fabric placement
  • Equipped with wheels and brakes for mobility and stability
  • Operable by one person, enhancing efficiency
  • Versatile application across industries
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Intuitive controls for user-friendly operation


Automatic Fabric Loader Main Technical Parameter

Model A06-1/1830-3330
Voltage 220V
Power 850W-1000W
Maximum Lift 200KG-250KG
Lifting Speed 10M/Min
Lifting Height 1.5M
Width of Roller 1750MM-3250MM
N.W (Net Weight) 90KG-100KG
Machine Size 2130-3630x600x2000MM

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