Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine Knitting & Weaving

Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine Knitting & Weaving


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The automatic fabric spreader is a cutting-edge device designed to efficiently and accurately spread fabric in the textile industry. It employs advanced technology and precise mechanisms to ensure uniformity and minimize waste. With its automated functionality, it significantly improves productivity and streamlines the fabric preparation process, making it an indispensable tool for manufacturers.

  1. Touch Panel Display: Intuitive interface for easy operation and control settings.
  2. Automatic Edge Alignment: Precise fabric edge alignment for consistent spreading accuracy.
  3. Fabric Expanding Adjustment: Customizable fabric stretching for different material characteristics.
  4. Tension Adjustment: Fine-tune fabric tension for uniform and optimal spreading.
  5. Automatic Fault Detection with Advance PLC: Real-time error detection through advanced PLC system.
  6. Dual Servo Control System: Synchronized movement for precise fabric feed and alignment.
  7. Automatic Blade Sharpening System: Self-sharpening blades with frequency based on fabric properties.
  8. Fabric Length and Layers Preset: Predefined settings for consistent fabric length and layered spreading.


Options Description
Automatic Material Loader Automatically loads fabric onto the spreading machine
Anti-static Electricity Device Reduces static electricity on the fabric for smooth spreading
Fabric Pressing Device Presses fabric to remove wrinkles and ensure flatness
Operators Moving Platform Platform for operators to move along the spreading machine
Edge Grabbing Device Grabs fabric edges securely for accurate spreading


Specification Description
Model ST-A10
Fabric Width 1600-3100mm
Power Supply 220V
Power 1.5kW
Fabric Weight 120kg
Fabric Diameter 450mm
Travel Speed 92m/min
Layer Height 220mm



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