Automatic Side To Side Cloth Loosening/Relaxing Machine

Automatic Side To Side Cloth Loosening/Relaxing Machine


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Elevate your fabric treatment process with the ST-301B/2130 and ST-301B/2330 models, designed to redefine fabric relaxation. These machines, each operating at a voltage of 220V with a power consumption of 640W, offer an impressive fabric weight capacity of 80KG. With a rapid speed of 90YD/H, they efficiently accommodate fabric widths of 1900MM for the ST-301B/2130 and 2100MM for the ST-301B/2330. The 450MM roll diameter ensures consistent fabric treatment, while their robust build with a net weight of 260KG guarantees stability. Compact yet functional, the machines, designed for automatic side-to-side cloth loosening and relaxing, measure 2750×1150x1250MM for the ST-301B/2130 and 2950x1150x1250MM for the ST-301B/2330. Discover the future of fabric transformation with these cutting-edge models that redefine industry standards.


Specification ST-301B/2130 ST-301B/2330
Model ST-301B/2130 ST-301B/2330
Voltage 220V 220V
Power 640W 640W
Fabric Weight 80KG 80KG
Speed 90YD/H 90YD/H
Fabric Width 1900MM 2100MM
Roll Diameter 450MM 450MM
N.W (Net Weight) 260KG 260KG
Machine Size 2750×1150x1250MM 2950x1150x1250MM

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