Fabric Inspection Machine For Woven And Knitted

Fabric Inspection Machine For Woven And Knitted


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Introducing the Ultimate Fabric Inspection Machine for Woven and Knitted Fabrics

Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency in fabric inspection with our cutting-edge Fabric Inspection Machine. Designed to elevate your fabric processing experience, this machine is meticulously engineered to cater to the unique demands of both woven and knitted fabrics. Here's why it stands out from the rest:

Experience the Pinnacle of Fabric Inspection with our Woven and Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

Precision meets innovation in our advanced Fabric Inspection Machine, designed to revolutionize the way you work with woven and knitted fabrics. Here's why our machine is the ultimate choice for your fabric inspection needs:

1. High Precision Counter: Impeccable accuracy is your advantage. Our machine features a high precision counter that flawlessly records the length of clothing rolls, ensuring your measurements are consistently on point.

2. Adjustable Counter Units: Your convenience, your choice. The counter unit can be easily set to meters or yards, allowing you to work with the measurement system that suits your workflow best.

3. Fabric End Detection: Say farewell to unnecessary hassles. Our fabric inspection machine includes an intelligent fabric end detection function, retaining a longer fabric end for a seamless transition to the next fabric roll. No more repetitive pulling through fabric—just continuous, hassle-free operation.

4. Stepless Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation: Unmatched control at your fingertips. With stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and a separate operation panel, adjust the relaxing speed according to different fabric tensions, ensuring optimal processing.

5. Enhanced Fabric Inspection Area: Illuminate excellence with every detail. Crafted with high-quality transparency materials, our fabric inspection area facilitates strong internal and external lighting. This superior lighting environment guarantees meticulous fabric inspection, leaving no imperfection unnoticed.

6. Foot Pedal Convenience: Seamlessly efficient operation. Equipped with a foot pedal, our machine enables automatic fabric loading and releasing. Focus on precision without the distraction of manual adjustments.

7. Internal Infrared Electronic Edge Control: Elevate the edge of perfection. Our machine boasts sophisticated internal infrared electronic edge control, ensuring a neat cloth edge during winding. No more uneven edges—just professional-grade results.

8. Unrivaled Versatility: From knit to woven, from garments to printing & dyeing, our machine adapts to your needs. Perfect for fabric inspection, relaxation, and winding, it's a cornerstone of the garment, printing & dyeing, and weaving industries.

9. Back and Forward Winding: No detail is overlooked. With back and forward winding movement, easily re-inspect fabric rolls that may have been missed during the initial inspection, maintaining your commitment to excellence.

Elevate your fabric inspection experience to unprecedented heights with our Woven and Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine. Seamlessly merge precision and innovation, and redefine your fabric processing journey. Opt for excellence—choose our Fabric Inspection Machine today.


Specification A03-1/1930 A03-1/2330
Model A03-1/1930 A03-1/2330
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 2.4KW 2.4KW
Fabric Weight 120KG 120KG
Speed 0-50M/Min 0-50M/Min
Max. Cloth Width 1800MM (72″) 2200MM (88″)
Roll Diameter 450MM 450MM
N.W (Net Weight) 320KG 390KG
Machine Size 2400x1250x1840MM 2800x1250x1840MM

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