Fully Automatic Anti-deviation Fusing Machine

Fully Automatic Anti-deviation Fusing Machine


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 The Fully Automatic Anti-deviation Fusing Machine is an innovative and indispensable piece of equipment designed for the garment industry. It serves a vital role in interlining fusing at high temperatures, as well as in various fabric treatments like tidying, drying, and ironing during the shrinking process. This advanced machine streamlines fabric fusing procedures, making it an essential tool for garment manufacturers and textile businesses.

Key Features:

  1. Imported Seamless Belt: The machine features a top-quality imported seamless belt that offers exceptional stability and durability. Unlike traditional belts that often suffer from breaking problems at their joints, the seamless belt ensures uninterrupted operation and consistent performance. This design improvement eliminates one of the common sources of downtime and maintenance in similar machines.

  2. Anti-deviation Function: One of the standout features of this Fusing Machine is its built-in anti-deviation function. This function prevents the belt from deviating due to the expansion caused by heat or contraction due to cold. Unlike conventional machines that require manual adjustment to prevent belt damage caused by misalignment, this fully automatic system intelligently detects and corrects deviations, ensuring smooth and efficient operation without interruption.

  3. Versatile Casters: The machine is equipped with versatile casters that facilitate easy mobility and positioning within the workspace. This mobility feature enhances the machine's usability by allowing users to move it around as needed, optimizing the layout and space utilization in busy production environments.


  • Enhanced Productivity: The Fully Automatic Anti-deviation Fusing Machine significantly improves productivity by reducing downtime caused by belt breakage and manual belt adjustments. This enables manufacturers to complete fabric fusing and other processes more efficiently.

  • Consistent Quality: The anti-deviation function ensures that fabric fusing remains consistent and uniform, resulting in higher product quality and fewer rejects.

  • Ease of Use: The machine's automatic operation and user-friendly controls make it easy for operators of varying skill levels to achieve optimal results.

  • Flexibility: Its seamless belt and anti-deviation feature make it suitable for a wide range of fabric types, ensuring versatility and adaptability in various garment production scenarios.

Technical Specifications:

  • Belt Type: Imported Seamless Belt
  • Anti-deviation System: Fully Automatic
  • Mobility: Equipped with Versatile Casters
  • Application: Interlining Fusing, Fabric Tidying, Drying, Ironing
  • Ideal for: Garment Industry, Textile Businesses 

Model ST-308MS/450
Heating Power 4KW
Motor Power 25W
Voltage 220/380V
Max Temperature 195℃
Adhering Pressure 2.5Max
Speed 7
Fusing Width 450MM
N.W 167.5KG
Machine Size 2000×1000x1140MM


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