Fully Automatic Electrically-Heated Steam Boiler

Fully Automatic Electrically-Heated Steam Boiler


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The Fully Automatic Electrically-Heated Steam Boiler is a cutting-edge solution for generating high-temperature steam through electric heating. This steam boiler is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of applications, making it suitable for fabric ironing and forming processes.

Main Devices and Functions:

  1. Safety Assurance: The steam boiler is equipped with various safety mechanisms including a pressure controller, overload safe valve, and water shortage induction system. These features ensure reliable operation and protect against potential hazards.

  2. Fully Automatic Control: The boiler features a user-friendly fully automatic control system that enables one-key operation. The function indication light simplifies failure detection, allowing for quick troubleshooting.

  3. Water Level Monitoring: A high-strength glass tube is connected to the boiler to provide continuous monitoring of the water level. This ensures optimal water supply and prevents any dangerous situations caused by low water levels.

  4. Automatic Water Pumping: The steam boiler is equipped with an automatic water pumping device, eliminating the need for manual water addition. This feature enhances convenience and ensures consistent performance.

Technical Specifications:

Model Voltage Power Heating Time Max Pressure Steam Output Machine Size
ST-305/6 220/380V 6KW 8-10Min 0.4Mpa 9KG/H 640x500x920MM
ST-305/9 380V 9KW 8-10Min 0.4Mpa 13KG/H 640x500x920MM
ST-305/12 380V 12KW 8-10Min 0.4Mpa 17KG/H 640x500x920MM

The Fully Automatic Electrically-Heated Steam Boiler provides a reliable and efficient solution for generating high-temperature steam, making it an ideal choice for various fabric ironing and forming applications. With its advanced safety features, user-friendly controls, and automatic functionality, this steam boiler offers convenience and peace of mind for industrial and commercial use.

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