Ironing Integrated Boiler

Ironing Integrated Boiler


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The Ironing Integrated Boiler is an innovative and space-saving solution that combines an ironing table with a boiler. This integration not only simplifies the ironing process but also contributes to energy conservation and environmental protection. The system employs a unique design that utilizes waste steam from the iron to heat the ironing table and water, making it efficient and eco-friendly.

Key Features:

  1. Board Heating: The waste steam generated by the iron is repurposed to heat an underlying S-shaped stainless steel pipe. This ensures the ironing table's sponge remains dry, reduces garment humidity, and accelerates garment drying time. Moreover, it prevents the sponge from developing mold and discoloration due to prolonged humidity exposure.

  2. Water Heating: The waste steam is directed through the S-shaped pipes into a specialized tank. This process elevates the water temperature within the tank to approximately 90 degrees Celsius, significantly reducing heating time. This energy-efficient method aligns with environmental sustainability goals.

  3. Special Water Tank Design: The water tank is ingeniously designed with a drawer-style filling mechanism. This user-friendly feature eliminates the need for specialized tools, simplifying the water-filling process compared to traditional designs.

  4. Quiet Air Outlet: The air outlet incorporates a square air duct fitted with silencer cotton. This engineering touch mitigates noise caused by the expulsion of strong air, resulting in a quieter operation environment.

  5. Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with versatile casters, the Ironing Integrated Boiler offers easy portability. This feature allows users to effortlessly move the unit as needed, optimizing its convenience and adaptability within various workspaces.


  • Efficient Space Utilization: The integrated design conserves space by combining the ironing table and boiler into a single unit, making it ideal for compact work areas.
  • Energy Conservation: By repurposing waste steam for heating, the system reduces energy consumption and supports a greener environment.
  • Improved Garment Care: The dry sponge and reduced garment humidity prevent mold and discoloration, ensuring high-quality garment finishing.
  • Time Savings: Faster board heating and water heating contribute to quicker ironing sessions and increased productivity.
  • User-Friendly Design: The drawer-style water tank and quiet air outlet enhance usability and comfort during operation.
  • Versatile Mobility: The built-in casters facilitate easy movement, allowing the unit to be positioned wherever needed.


Parameter ST-309C/4.5 ST-309C/6
Model ST-309C/4.5 ST-309C/6
Power 4.5KW 6KW
Rated Steam Pressure 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa
Rated Steam Temperature 151℃ 151℃
Steam Output 6KG/H 9KG/H
Voltage 220/380V 220/380V
Working Table 1530×970MM 1530×970MM
Sucking Motor Power 750W 750W
Machine Size 1530x970x1520MM 1530x970x1520MM

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