CROSSLINKS 21V Nibbler 1.6mm - Skin Only

CROSSLINKS 21V Nibbler 1.6mm - Skin Only


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The CROSSLINKS 21V Nibbler 1.6mm is a powerful and versatile cutting tool designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its brushless motor, three-speed regulation, power display, and 360-degree adjustable cutting direction, this nibbler offers efficient and precise cutting performance. It operates at DC21V voltage and has a stroke speed of 1900 RPM, allowing it to effortlessly cut through various materials such as steel and aluminum. Compatible with Makita DC18V battery packs, this nibbler offers convenience and flexibility. Experience effortless cutting with the CROSSLINKS 21V Nibbler 1.6mm.



  • Brushless Motor
  • Three-speed regulation
  • Power display
  • 360 degrees adjustable cutting direction


Key Specifications




Stroke Speed

800-1900 RPM

Shear Thickness

- Hardness 600nm/mm steel plate: 1.2mm

- Hardness 400nm/mm steel plate: 1.6mm

- Hardness 200nm/mm aluminum plate: 2.5mm

Battery Pack Compatibility

Makita compatible DC18V battery pack

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