SMART Knitted and Woven Fabric Inspection Machine

SMART Knitted and Woven Fabric Inspection Machine


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Introducing the 03/2 Intelligent Knitted and Woven Fabric Inspection Machine – your solution for precision and efficiency in textile manufacturing.


  1. Infrared Aligning: Perfect fabric edges with high-precision infrared alignment.

  2. Accurate Tension: Adjust tension effortlessly with calculated roller speeds.

  3. Length Counter: Measure fabric length accurately and preset inspection limits.

  4. Data Transmission: Mini-printer, WiFi, or wired connection for data review.

  5. No-Fabric Alert: Avoid threading issues with end-of-fabric alerts.

  6. Dynamic Control: Adapt fabric relaxing speed to tension variations.

  7. Defect Customization: Edit defect classifications and track quantities.

  8. Multi-Axis Control: Freely rotate the rock arm control interface for easy operation.


  • Perfect for knit or woven fabric inspection, relaxing, and winding.
  • Ideal for garment, printing & dyeing, or weaving industries.

Elevate your fabric quality with the 03/2 Intelligent Fabric Inspection Machine. Precision meets innovation.


Specification A03-2/1930 A03-2/2330
Model A03-2/1930 A03-2/2330
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 2.4KW 2.4KW
Fabric Weight 120KG 120KG
Speed 0-50M/Min 0-50M/Min
Max. Cloth Width 1800MM (72″) 2200MM (88″)
Roll Diameter 450MM 450MM
N.W (Net Weight) 320KG 390KG
Machine Size 2400x1250x1940MM 2800x1250x1940MM

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