Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine

Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine


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The Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine is an innovative and powerful solution designed to revolutionize thread end and dust removal from fabric surfaces. With its robust motor and dual turbine design, this machine offers double the sucking efficiency compared to standard machines. It's an indispensable tool in the garment and bag industries, ensuring thorough cleaning for enhanced product quality.

Main Devices and Functions:

  1. Durable Construction: The machine body is constructed using a sturdy 2.75mm thick steel plate, ensuring stability and durability during operation. This robust build guarantees a smooth and reliable performance, reducing vibrations and contributing to low noise levels for a comfortable working environment.

  2. Visible Sucking Mouth: The Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine features a specially designed visible sucking mouth. This unique design allows for centralized thread end and dust collection, making it easier to target specific areas on fabric surfaces. The clear visibility of the sucking mouth enhances accuracy and efficiency in cleaning tasks.

  3. Mesh Filter Protection: To prevent thread ends from being sucked into the turbine or motor, a mesh filter is strategically installed at the sucking mouth. This protective filter captures debris while allowing air to flow smoothly, thereby extending the lifespan of the machine and ensuring consistent performance over time.

  4. Dual Turbine Structure: The machine boasts a dual turbine structure, harnessing strong sucking power that effortlessly eliminates thread ends and dust from fabric surfaces. The dual turbines enhance the efficiency of the cleaning process, resulting in a thoroughly cleaned fabric without the need for excessive effort.

Applications: The Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine finds its primary applications in the garment and bag industries. It excels in efficiently removing thread ends and dust from fabric surfaces, preparing them for further processing or packaging. This machine's exceptional cleaning capabilities contribute to maintaining high product standards and meeting industry demands.


  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: The dual turbine design offers double the sucking power, ensuring thorough cleaning of fabric surfaces and eliminating thread ends and dust effectively.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with a 2.75mm thick steel plate, the machine guarantees stability, longevity, and quiet operation.
  • Precision Cleaning: The visible sucking mouth enables precise targeting of thread ends and debris, enhancing accuracy and overall cleaning efficiency.
  • Protection: The mesh filter safeguards the turbines and motor from debris, extending the machine's lifespan and maintaining consistent performance.
  • Wide Industry Applicability: Ideal for garment and bag industries, this machine contributes to improved product quality and streamlined production processes.


ST-307 Twin Turbine Thread End Sucking Machine Main Technical Parameter
Model ST-307
Voltage 380V
Power 3KW
Suction Speed 30M/S
Sucking Opening Size 1240x560x130MM
N.W (Net Weight) 165KG
Machine Size 1330×610x1430MM

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