Wool Kersey Bottle Green

Wool Kersey Bottle Green


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Introducing our Recycled Wool Kersey Fabric, a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for all your fashion and textile needs. This premium quality fabric is made from 80% recycled wool and 20% other fibers, making it a perfect choice for conscious consumers who care about the impact they have on the planet.

With a width of 101 cms and a nominal weight of 511 gsm, our Recycled Wool Kersey Fabric is versatile and durable, making it ideal for creating high-quality garments, blankets, and upholstery. The tight weave of the kersey fabric ensures that it is resistant to wear and tear, and the high wool content provides natural insulation and breathability.

The recycled wool used in this fabric is sourced from discarded garments and other wool products, which are then sorted, shredded, and respun into new yarns. This process not only reduces waste but also saves energy and resources, making this fabric an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to its sustainable credentials, our Recycled Wool Kersey Fabric also has a beautiful, textured finish that adds depth and character to any design. Whether you're creating a timeless coat or a cozy blanket, this fabric is sure to impress.

Overall, our Recycled Wool Kersey Fabric is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create high-quality, sustainable textiles. With its durability, versatility, and eco-friendly credentials, this fabric is a must-have for any conscious consumer.



80% recycled wool, 20% other fibers


101 cms and 183 cms

Nominal Weight

511 gsm

Recommended Use

Suitable for garments, blankets, and upholstery. Ideal for lining Canvas Rugs, Saddle Pads, Show Rugs & Wool Rugs

Key Features

Strong, durable, excellent insulation, breathable, soft texture

Care Instructions

Dry clean or hand wash with care, do not tumble dry


Provides ultimate comfort and protection for your horse, ideal for all weather conditions


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